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You’re a Small Business Leader Who Wants the Fast Track to Success

How to start a business, and grow it to maximum success? Sure, but you’ve found yourself stuck at any one of a number of roadblocks, be it at the beginning – putting together a business plan to attract investors – or part-way along the path: needing financial, operational, marketing or sales strategies.

AND, in your search for expert help, consultation and advice, you’ve hit a second set of obstacles:

  • Family and friends’ advice doesn’t work
  • Business forums aren’t tailored to you
  • Advice from a single source doesn’t meet your needs.
  • You’re in danger of blowing your budget










We've Got This

Now, you no longer have to spend exorbitant amounts at a high-priced consulting firm! EntreBahn has assembled the experts in the fields you need, accessible in a simple online process, all in one place and just a few clicks away.

AND, in your search for expert help, consultation and advice, you’ve hit a second set of obstacles:

Business Plans
Collaborate with a planning expert to get what you need to attract investors and speed up your time to market.
Financial Services
Get the expert advice you need to put together all elements of a solid financial plan for your business.
Marketing Plans
Increase traffic and get greater customer/ client engagement with the right tools and strategies.
Business Services
You don’t have to “go it alone”, now you have a team of experts and peers to guide you along the way.

We Get You

The problem is, seeking advice from friends or family doesn’t usually work. They lack the expertise to meet your needs. Advice from a single source almost guarantees it won’t meet those needs. Business forums are great for simple problems, but not for the complex issues you likely face.

As experienced business leaders, we’ve lived this, too, and already overcome these roadblocks. That’s why we created a brand-new, unique ‘advisor solution’: EntreBahn. We recruit and manage a team of independent subject matter experts to assess your materials, each using the same sets of our objective criteria. Then? You get their feedback and advice and – now you know you’re on the right track – you decide how and when to take the next steps. We can help you there too.

How To Get the Expert Advice You Need

Join Entrebahn
Sign up, choose the right expert (or we can assign one to you) and submit your business materials for review and assessment
Get Trusted Advice - Fast
Within 72 hours of submission, you’ll get individualized feedback and advice on your specific business and strategy needs
Get Growing Your Business
Either move forward by yourself, or hire the expert who’s most in sync with where you want to go next